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“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”  

Warren Buffett

Picture –October 30, 1989 issue of Fortune

“Life is difficult. This is the great truth, one of the greatest truths–it is a great truth because once we see this truth, we transcend it.”

M. Scott Peck

“I am a better investor because I am a businessman, and a better businessman because I am an investor.”

Warren Buffett

This is His Story



Mr. Lane has over 20-years leadership experience in both for-profit and non-profit industries.  His non-profit experience includes 9 years with The Salvation Army–Bethesda House which later became Alegria, in the Los Angeles area.  Mr. Lane began as Business Manager, overseeing all aspects of the program’s finances, including fundraising and grants administration.  He was a key driver in developing new programs and a $3 million capital program.


After coordinating the planning and building of new facilities, and the successful expansion and relocation of the program, he was named Executive Director.  During his tenure, annual operating budgets grew from $450,000 to $3 million.  Mr. Lane worked with Alegria’s Board of Directors to develop annual budgets and strategic plans.  Alegria was recognized nationally as an outstanding program for homeless families.

Marilyn and Jeff met at church in Spartanburg, SC.  After a long courtship, they married on October 7, 1987 and began their life’s journey together.  The Lanes moved to Los Angeles, CA after attending graduate school in Virginia.  They enjoyed the diverse cultures represented in LA, and especially the food.  During their 17 years in the Los Angeles area, they were able to gain a great deal of experience in Financial Management (business), accounting and general management, in both non- and for-profit businesses. Their daughter was also born there, and completed 8 th grade as a California girl.

Since our success is based on your success, we are motivated to help your business prosper. Every management decision you make needs to make your business better. We can help you get there, step-by-step, just as we’ve helped many businesses before.

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