Why Choose us?

The Lane Organization helps you grow.


Do any of these scenarios apply to your business?


  • You have been in business a few years, and you’re not sure why you are not doing better.
  • You have just started a company, and you don’t know what to do first.
  • Your company has a great product or service, but not enough customers.
  • You have taken over an existing company, and you want to jump-start it.
  • You have a company that’s ripe for growth, but it is not happening.
  • You need to hire more staff, but want to make sure you get the right people.
  • You have an existing business that’s recently hit a slump.
  • You realize you need accounting help, but can’t afford someone full-time.
  • Your employees are always fighting fires. You need business training.
  • Your marketing plan is more “marketing” than “planning.”
  • You’re just not sure what to do next for your business.

If you fall into any of these situations in The Carolinas, The Lane Organization can help you overcome your obstacles to reach the next level of success. We are a business development team. Our guiding mission: The Lane Organization helps you grow your business.


Better Than Consultants

We are more than a business consultant; we work with you as part of your team to give you the guidance and support you need to meet your goals. Where consultants provide advice and then leave you to implement it, The Lane Organization provides the services you need as you need them.

If you do not succeed, we do not succeed. Our growth depends on your growth, so we are dedicated and motivated. The Lane Organization helps you grow and prosper and reach your maximum potential.



What We Offer

Our Western North Carolina team delivers dependable and targeted management, accounting, training and/or marketing services to help bring your business the overall success you have worked so hard to achieve. When you hire us, we put our many years of experience to work for you. Our knowledge and expertise give you a step up and a step ahead.

After meeting with you, we deliver a customized marketing plan — a step-by-step roadmap to success. Our marketing plan gives you an advantage over your competition because we will analyze the competition to discover your advantages. Then we’ll highlight them and bring them to bear.

We don’t stop there. The Lane Organization helps you grow by supporting you with assessments, reports, and direction…to keep your company moving in the right direction and to allocate you resources in the right ways. We’re with you every step of the way.

Choose The Lane Organization

The Lane Organization helps you grow because, to put it simply, we are passionate about helping you succeed! . We care about our clients, and every success becomes a shared success. Here is just one testimonial from a satisfied client:


“I can’t say enough about The Lane Organization. Jeff and Marilyn have been instrumental in easing the ownership transition of my company. They organized the financial structure, upgraded our software technology and improved our day-to-day transactions. They are only a phone call or email away for any questions, problems or just advice on a daily basis. I recommend their wide range of business experience, their problem-solving abilities and gracious spirit. They approach their work with enthusiasm and good humor. I enjoy working with them.”

Barbara Merrill