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Frequently Asked Marketing Questions

Ask the right questions. Get the right answers.


How can I make my company, products or services stand out from my competitors?

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Branding: you must differentiate your company from your competitors while also staying relevant to customers. Customers will often find themselves attracted to the intangibles or “simple” things you provide but do not advertise, such as office hours or 24 hour on call service.

How can I utilize social media to strengthen my current customer relationships?

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Social media can work in various ways for your company, depending on your customers’ needs, interests, and or comfort level with computers. A start would be to ask your customers if they would be interested in an interactive website, on line scheduling, e-newsletters, posts or tweets. These are only a few options that are available to you. To get the most out of social media, you have to find features that would be beneficial for the customer.

How can I build loyalty?

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To build loyalty you have to know and understand your customers’ needs and wants to the smallest detail and then follow through better than your competitors. This information can simply be found by asking your customers the right questions.

How can I get my customers to fully utilize what I can offer them?

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Don’t ever stop selling to your current customers. Situations are changing daily, therefore something that might have been out of reach a year ago might be doable today. This can be done face to face or with reminders via mail, web or through promotions.

How can I stay ahead of the trends that will impact my company’s future success?

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You must attend trade shows and community events to not only see what the new trends are in your market but also what the customer is demanding. Of course there is a fine line between what is a trend and what is a fad. Therefore ask your customers if they would enjoy, purchase or have a need for an upcoming trend.

How can I break through the marketing clutter?

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The best way to stand out is to provide real value. Spontaneous buyers can have some impact on your bottom line, however, for long term growth you need to have the customer who will keep coming back for more.

How can I keep my sales consistent?

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You must look at every customer as unique. Your customers will notice the personal touch of your message and appreciate you are speaking to them directly and not to the masses.

When should I consider redesigning my website?

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Keeping a fresh website is vital. However also be aware of your viewing customer, and do not overwhelm them with a flashy or too hard to navigate website. You should also keep in mind that your office space should be refreshed, and your staff needs to be continuously trained on the most up to date information.

How can I boost sales effectiveness through marketing?

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The purpose of marketing is to create a market for your business. Your marketing needs to be consistent and seamless. Public relations are a must, so get involved in your community. Do not wish you would have done this or that, do it and you will see results.