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8 Ways to Radically Increase Your Productivity

Beginnings are the most exciting and energizing times in life. If things have been in a slump for you, make some changes. Lasting success comes from making pointed shifts in your behavior on a daily basis. Success is rarely the result of the major decisions you have to make due to the long and short term consequences that ensue. Success results from committing to making each day count and seeing each challenge as providing your business a new start. Read more… Author: Sherrie... read more

How to master SEO (without having to hire an expert)

Most people make SEO (search engine optimization) out to be complicated. But SEO only appears complicated because you haven’t been given the necessary information to fully understand it. Once you have this information, you can make an informed decision about whether you want to handle building great SEO for yourself or hire someone. And, if you do choose to hire an expert, you can be smarter about selecting the right person or firm. Read more… Author: Paula Moerland... read more

How to Reach Your Ideal Customer on Social Media

Understanding how to reach your target customers on Facebook and Twitter can be confusing enough, never mind the new platforms that are constantly coming along. Sometimes, as Taverniti’s experience shows, its enough to just dive right in, especially on new services that have yet to be overrun. Where a more studied approach is called for, here are a few rules to keep in mind. Read more… Author: Jeff... read more

5 Ways to Make Your Workspace More Productive

It feels great to just be in New York’s Grand Central Station. The high, vaulted ceilings, natural light from the arched windows, wide stone walkways, and generous, elegant stairs… It can lift the spirits of even the most harried commuter. It is spacious even amid a mob and there’s a feeling that you can breathe. There is a flow, a simplicity. No clutter. Read More… About Live in the Grey: Live in the Grey offers resources, inspiration, consulting and community to help you change your approach to work. We believe blending the black-and-white mentality that divides personal/professional, life/work, friends/colleagues makes work more fulfilling – and... read more


1. It Strengthens My Idea Muscle When I get to around the 7th idea, I can feel my brain start to sweat. Similar to how your body starts sweating when you’re doing the last repetition of a set of bench press. It used to be around the 4th or 5th idea that my brain would start sweating. But since I’ve strengthened my idea muscle, now it’s the 7th or 8th. Like lifting weights at the gym, pushing yourself to come up with ideas makes you stronger. The benefit of writing down 10 ideas every day is not just the ideas themselves. In fact, at least a couple of my ideas are usually terrible ideas that I will never think about again. One of the biggest benefits is that it has strengthened my idea muscle. Read more by clicking here About Mike: the founder of Startup College. I’ve written books on customer development, networking, and content marketing. My writing has been featured in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, and... read more

How to Get Google to Index Your New Website & Blog Quickly

How to Get Your New Website or Blog Discovered So how can you get your new website discovered by the Googlebot? Here are some great ways. The best part is that some of the following will help you get referral traffic to your new website too! Click here to read more! About the Author: Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog Kikolani focuses on blog marketing for personal, professional, and business... read more


You continue to post and pray “The number of times I see a major corporation regurgitating job postings and links makes me want to run screaming from the room. I will repeat myself for the billionth time: Social media is NOT a job board. It is NOT a broadcast tool. You have a gajillion job boards in the world. And mostly people are going to use Google or Indeed to search for jobs. That is where job postings go. Not on your Twitter feed. No. No. No…..” About Traecy Parsons Since 1995, Tracey has been developing digital solutions. Currently SME Digital’s lead strategist, she continues to be dedicated to bringing cutting edge, thoughtful and measurable solutions to marketers. With more than 15 years in digital, Tracey not only brings vision, but the tools and strategies to execute against complex next generation concepts. She has worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands to develop and devise cutting-edge social, mobile and digital marketing... read more

Is Social Business the Same as Social Media?

Is Social Business the Same as Social Media? “The social business meme is very much on the rise. Being good at social media doesn’t necessarily make a business social, so what does? For what it’s worth, I am not a believer in the Salesforce.com social enterprise (too dependent on social media), and for the same reason am mildly sceptical about Brian Solis‘s Pivotcon, the new but annual conference on how businesses will transition from social media to social businesses, even though I agree it is the pivotal discussion forum on the future of social.” Haydn Shaughnessy... read more

When Not To Make Or Take An Employee Referral

When Not To Make Or Take An Employee Referral “The adage about success being more about who you know than what you know is never truer than when applied to job hunting. Jobvite found that 40% of job seekers say their best or favorite job was a result of personal connections and almost two-thirds of recruiters say that employee referrals yield the highest quality candidates.” J. Maureen Henderson... read more

Ready! Aim! Fire!: How To Execute Successfully Every Time (Part 2)

Ready! Aim! Fire!: How To Execute Successfully Every Time (Part 2) “This is the 2nd installment about startup planning and execution based on the concept of “Ready, Aim, Fire” – a time-tested, tried-and-true adage that applies as much to the subject at hand as to shooting a gun or a bow and arrow or playing golf. In Part 1, the focus was on perhaps the most common failure mode, “aim, fire, ready,” and some strategies to help you avoid that all too common pitfall.  As with Part 1, the context and examples here in Part 2 focus on go-to-market and related functions, as things most often go wrong in startups (and sometimes big companies, too) during these execution phases. So, on to Part 2: “Ready, Fire, Aim.” Bryan Stolle http://www.forbes.com/sites/bryanstolle/ Ready. Aim. Fire. With the classic order of operations and identifying your target market up-front, you increase your chance of hitting your mark (Source: Shutterstock).  ... read more

Ready! Aim! Fire!: How To Execute Successfully Every Time

Ready! Aim! Fire!: How To Execute Successfully Every Time “It’s a very old, tried and true adage.  This legendarily accepted process of operations works universally whether shooting a gun, a bow and arrow, playing golf, or leading a team to achieve an objective.  Prepare or ready yourself for the intended action; take aim on the objective and goals; and then fire, or execute.  Yet so many entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other executives and managers often struggle with following these simple steps, often with disastrous consequences and wasted resources and money.”  Bryan Stolle http://www.forbes.com/sites/bryanstolle/ Ready. Aim. Fire. With the classic order of operations, you increase your chance of hitting the bulls eye (Source:... read more