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Bookkeeping and Accounting

Numbers you can trust


Small businesses in Western North Carolina often don’t know where to turn when they are overwhelmed with bookkeeping or accounting issues. If your business is just beginning to grow or it is growing rapidly, you may suddenly realize you need some help managing your money.

The Lane Organization can play as big or as small a role in your company bookkeeping and accounting processes as you need. You can count on us to ensure your financial reporting is precise, timely and effective. The Lane Organization translates your financial information into useful, accurate reporting vehicles that you can use for:

Our Process


The Lane Organization bookkeepers and accountants first gather information about your business. We then develop an accounting plan for your business using QuickBooks in a way that best meets your current needs and prepares your business for growth.

You receive financial reports monthly or quarterly, depending on your business needs. Flexibility is one of our hallmark features, as we strive to create numbers you can trust for your business.

Specific Services


Let The Lane Organization focus on your finances so you can focus on your business. Our staff can come to your worksite or access your records remotely, based on your needs. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Supporting your in-house bookkeeping staff
  • Training your staff in QuickBooks
  • Setting up or optimizing QuickBooks for your business
  • Reviewing your financial transactions
  • Reconciling bank statements with corresponding dates and documentation
  • Correcting your current bookkeeping files
  • Processing invoices for your business
  • Producing accounts receivable reports
  • Gathering and recording bank and credit card activity with correct coding
  • Training your in-house bookkeeper
  • Filing your Federal and State Payroll Tax reports
  • Handling any unemployment claims
  • Processing timely payroll tax payments
  • Determining your withholding data
  • Replying to correspondence from Payroll Tax Agencies
  • Preparing your W2s, W3s and 1099s
  • Preparing financial reports and statements
  • Making periodic journal entries
  • Meeting with auditors
  • Compiling Workers’ Compensation audit information
  • Recommending internal financial controls
  • Supporting your staff accounting department

Partner Roles


As your partner, The Lane Organization helps you understand your market and create strategic plans for growth. As you grow, we can grow with you. In fact, our success is based on your success. We work to help you:


  • Develop controls to protect your business from fraud and embezzlement
  • Prepare customized financial and management reports
  • Create reports for owners, investors, creditors and public regulators
  • Establish financial protocols to maintain consistent reporting
  • Train your staff members to access and use financial tools