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Business Growth and Development

Plan for success

Western North Carolina businesses are started all the time. Some succeed by sheer perseverance. Others succeed by luck. Some don’t make it at all. Instead of relying on luck or sweat, there is a better idea: business development. When you plan for success, you can make it happen.

Developing a business is the least understood part of our business because it involves everything we do here at The Lane Organization. No matter what your company’s size — whether you’re a entrepreneur or a large, established company — you can benefit from our services. The goal of business development is growth.

Does Success Drive Growth?

While your business can’t grow without success, it takes more than success to grow. You need a plan for success, a roadmap to growth. Luck and sweat help, but when you have a plan, you don’t have to rely on them.

You need management systems in place to direct resources and seek opportunities. You need accounting systems in place that can scale up as you acquire more clients. You need access to quality people to staff your company as you grow. And you need marketing services that continue to locate and attract the best clients.

Make It Happen

On staff at The Lane Organization are experts in management, accounting, training and marketing. You can get all the help you need from one company under one roof in Western North Carolina. Let us help you develop and grow your business. We can:


  • Identify your business model
  • Analyze your current marketing efforts
  • Research ways to improve how you do business
  • Bring new products and services to market
  • Implement a customized business development plan
  • Leverage your business through equity financing
  • Seek strategic partnerships where it makes sense
  • Train existing staff and hire new staff
  • Develop a new business to successfully grow by
    • Building your customer base
    • Improving your cash flow
    • Developing a plan for success

We Grow When You Grow

With your plan for success, The Lane Organization can help your company get to the next level. Our success is based on your success because our growth is tied to yours. We have incentives to help you achieve your goals.

We are not a consulting firm; we become your partner for success, supplying you with the expert help you need to succeed. We offer hands-on services in:


Accounting and Bookkeeping



The Lane Organization not only prepares your company for growth, but we also guide you through that growth to keep you one step ahead of your competition. We continually seek new marketing opportunities for you and monitor your business on every level, including how you feel about the process. We’re a small company ourselves; flexibility is one of our greatest assets.

Since our success is based on your success, The Lane Organization is motivated to help your business prosper. When you use our business development services, we ask the hard questions and develop the business plans that turn: “How do you make money?“ into “How do you make more money?”


Read more about the on-site training available. The Lane Organization specialists rely on your financial landscape to assist with management, marketing and accounting and bookkeeping.

The first consultation is free. Call 828-687-0010 or email us today to plan for success. You deserve it!