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Guidance when you need it


Your company does what it does very well — whether that’s providing an effective service or producing an exceptional product. You know how it works, and you’ve worked out all the kinks. The Lane Organization doesn’t want to change that; we want to help you do what you do more effectively.

Better Management Systems


Many small and medium-sized businesses in Western North Carolina began with bright ideas and expansive visions. But maybe you don’t have much business experience. Even the best vision can break down when you dive into the details.

The Lane Organization provides management guidance when you need it to improve your business by developing better management systems for your company. The Lane Organization works with you to put standards and practices in place to organize and run your business more efficiently.

Better management practices not only help you grow your business, but they also help you understand the challenges and opportunities within your company structure. We employ proven methods and customized frameworks that help you identify the issues that are holding your company back.

 Ways We Can Help


If your business is stagnant, don’t wait until it’s too late. If you’re on the verge of growth, you need to get your engine tuned up so you can press the accelerator instead of the brake. Good management provides guidance when you need it. Here are some of the things The Lane Organization can do to help your business succeed:

General Management

Strategic planning — to prepare for growth

Market analysis — to find your niche

Training — to put the pieces in place


Financial Management

Budgeting — to produce annual budgets and cash flow projections

Streamlining — to find ways to increase your net profits

Negotiating — to get the best deal for all supplier contracts

Human Resources

Employee relations — to improve employee morale and productivity

Position analysis — to develop the right job descriptions

Recruiting/retaining — to find and keep the best employees

How We Work


Whether your goal is growth or increased efficiency, The Lane Organization can help you achieve it. We analyze your current organizational structure and help you develop an action plan for improvement. After that, we encourage and support you to execute this plan. The action plan helps your business become more effective and efficient: less friction translates into less waste and faster progress.

At your initial consultation, we describe the various ways we can help you better manage your business. We can also give you examples of successful business models. If you need a Chief Financial Officer, a division manager, or a supervisor, we can fill that role for your business — as your partner or until you find a permanent replacement.

Since our success is based on your success, we are motivated to help your business prosper. Every management decision you make needs to make your business better. We can help you get there, step-by-step, just as we’ve helped many businesses before.

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The Lane Organization specialists rely on your financial landscape to assist with business development, marketing and accounting and bookkeeping.

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