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Differentiating you from the competition

You have a unique story to tell and a unique value proposition differentiating you from the competition. The resources you put toward advertising, public relations, website creation and maintenance, social media and branding drive your sales. They make up the core of your marketing plan. They are part and parcel of your individual story that explains why customers should choose your goods or services over a competitor’s.

Both large and small businesses rely on dynamic marketing plans to drive growth. The Lane Organization dedicates a specific portion of our services to ensure that your marketing strategies:

Remain relevant

Serve your needs

Continue to provide significant return-on-investment

Are effectively maintained and followed

Yet, outdated marketing practices continue to provide disappointing results. Since the marketing paradigm is in a continual state of flux, you must keep up with its changing tides. But when you have enough to do just running your business, you don’t have the time, energy or resources to devote to it.

Close the Loop

Close the loop between your marketing strategies and positive results with The Lane Organization. Differentiating you from the competition is what we do best. Together, we can create new marketing ideas on a regular basis.

The Lane Organization defines marketing as the process of communicating the value of your product or service to your customers, while building long-term relationships. We bring the power of community-building to:

Clients !?!

Attract new clients

Retain current clients

What is your story?

Strengthen your brand identity

Connect you with your customers

The only way is up!

Build stronger relationships

Increase referrals

Increased sales? Check!

Create long-term growth

Tell Your Story

At The Lane Organization, we have mastered the art of creating, delivering and communicating value. We take the time to get to know what makes you unique so that we can effectively tell your story. We bring marketing ideas to our initial meeting based on up-to-date marketing principles. As we get to know you and your business, we discuss proven strategies and tailor them to your particular needs and budget. We grow as you grow; our success is based on your success.

Let The Lane Organization write your next — or first — marketing plan. We include:



Business community participation

Seminars and workshops

Customer care program development

Educational programs for a targeted audience

Direct Marketing

Brand strengthening

Advertising strategies for television, radio and print

Public relations and press releases

New product or service roll-outs

Internet marketing

Once we begin, The Lane Organization monitors the marketing results and suggests changes as needed to best focus your resources. Whether you need to move into mobile social media markets or sponsor a business group luncheon, we keep our finger on the pulse and let you know when the timing is right. Our marketing goals for you:

Ongoing Marketing

Moving you from one income level to the next 

Reviving your company’s growth

Developing plans for continuous growth

Reviewing your office procedures to support ongoing marketing plans

Revising sales and management functions to promote growth

Performing market research

Consulting on website design and development

Connecting you with other professionals who can support your growth

Providing a monthly review of current marketing results versus forecast





We only succeed when you succeed. We work hard each month to earn your trust and grow your business. Since our success is based on your success, every marketing decision ultimately is made with only one thing in mind: your continued growth.

Contact us today for your personalized marketing proposal.

Read more about the on-site training available. The Lane Organization specialists rely on your financial landscape to assist with business development, management and accounting and bookkeeping.

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