Our Story

Marilyn and Jeff met at church in Spartanburg, SC.  After a long courtship, they married on October 7, 1987 and began their life’s journey together.  The Lanes moved to Los Angeles, CA after attending graduate school in Virginia.  They enjoyed the diverse cultures represented in LA, and especially the food.  During their 17 years in the Los Angeles area, they were able to gain a great deal of experience in Financial Management (business), accounting and general management, in both non- and for-profit businesses. Their daughter was also born there, and completed 8 th grade as a California girl.

In 2008, the Lanes moved to the beautiful small city of Asheville, NC.  This move allowed them to be closer to aging parents and their roots.

Jeff and Marilyn initially pursued separate careers in Asheville.  However, after a friend pointed out the seemingly obvious fact that their skill sets would nicely complement each other, they began considering pooling their talents and experience with the goal of helping businesses grow.  When they later met Teona, they immediately saw that combining their three areas of expertise (accounting, business and financial management, and marketing) would provide a super resource for businesses that did not have their own Staff Accountant, CFO, and Marketing Director.

Our goal is still to help businesses get a clear picture of their current status, and then grow beyond that.  If these are areas in which you could use some help, we would love to meet with you.

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